A couple of years ago, the vision to change the South African wine industry was conceived by two childhood best friends, Stephen Satterfield and PJ Bullock. Stephen, a sommelier and wine educator, and PJ, a graduate business student came up with the idea of how they could help uplift and educate people, while diminishing poverty and inequality through the celebration and appreciation of fine wine. From this idea emerged the International Society of Africans in Wine (ISAW). An Atlanta-based organization with the mission of building sustainable communities through viticulture, ISAW advocates reducing poverty in Africa through the business of wine.

ISAW is sponsoring the Drink Well, Do Good tour, a 14-city celebration of food, wine and art designed to raise awareness and funds for historically disadvantaged African farmers and wine workers. The tour begins in New Orleans the first weekend in April and will pass through the US and Canada before culminating in Cape Town, South Africa, just in time for the 2010 World Cup. The tour events, Drink Well and Do Good, will take place on two separate nights. On the first night, Drink Well will feature formal receptions, culinary presentations, and exhibitions highlighting African wines, foods and art. The second part, held on the following night, is Do Good featuring a benefit concert with local talent, African musicians, and special guest performances.

Drink Well, Do Good is a grassroots production made possible by community leaders, nonprofits, universities, volunteers, and corporate partners. The goal of the tour is to raise $150,000, with proceeds going to establish a training center for South African grape farmers and vintners. Heritage Link Brands is an ISAW partner and an official sponsor of the Drink Well, Do Good tour. Heritage Link Brands is the sole US importer dedicated to the support and distribution of wine from the African continent and its Diaspora. ISAW partners with black-owned and socially-progressive vineyards in Africa for the training and development of historically disenfranchised wine workers in order to create economic opportunities for local farmers and their communities.

Seattle_Media_Tasting_for_Drink_Well_Do_GoodIn addition to all the excitement and entertainment on both nights, those attending the event will have the opportunity to sample wines produced by indigenous black African vintners while learning about Heritage Link Brands and the work of ISAW. As celebrating wine is certainly a unique, innovative and compelling way of addressing complex social issues, the events of Drink Well, Do Good over two days in each participating city are intended to inspire unique, local community-driven celebrations of modern African culture while contributing its sustainable tourism goals.

The fourteen cities included in the Drink Well, Do Good tour are New Orleans in April, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Eugene, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Cape Town. ISAW founders Bullock and Satterfield say that word about the tour is spreading rapidly by a growing network of ISAW fans and volunteers using e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Also, word is being spread through Yelp!, a website that connects people with great local businesses, and is the official national media partner for the Drink Well, Do Good tour.

If you have a passion for wine and social change, ISAW is looking for volunteers. For more information and to find out when the Drink Well, Do Good Tour will be in a city near you, visit  or



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