Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture on Friday the 23rd October moved to start the processes to have the 1935 Colonial era Drums Regulation of the Penal Code removed from the Laws of Seychelles. In the presence on the French Ambassador, H. E. Lionel Majeste-Larrouy, Jimmy Savy, the CEO of the NAC

removal of the 1935 Law

(National Arts Council), the SEYMAS Committee Members and many musicians and artists Minister Alain St.Ange signed a memo addressed to Benjamine Rose, the PS for Culture asking her to initiate discussions with Mr Ronny Govinden, the Attorney General of Seychelles to have this 1935 Drums Regulation removed from the Penal Code in the Laws of Seychelles.

"This is a symbolic move and one that will mark this 30th Anniversary of our Festival Kreol. Today we stand at English River, right in the heart of Victoria, the Capital of Seychelles to say let us for once and lot all remove the 1935 Drums Regulation that was initiated by the British Colonial Government when we were still a Colony" said Minister St.Ange to applause from the musicians and artists who had gathered at English River on the site that is being turned into their Music Stadium and Arts Village.

"We must never forget that the cultural revolution that is today being experienced by everyone who is in that industry has not always been so. Once upon a time we had laws and regulations who were real challenges. Today as we speak we still have Seychellois who are not supportive of the growth of this sector that remains the heart and soul of our people. The Government of the Country is the the side of its culture and as we mark the 30th Anniversary of our Festival Kreol we must all reflect on the need for Seychelles to be united behind its one celebration that should be bringing together every Seychellois immaterial of colour of skin, political affiliation and religious beliefs" said Minister St.Ange,

 Areas in 1935 and 1937 after a further amendment to the regulation within which the beating of drums or tambours or the blowing of shells, etc., at night after 9p.m are prohibited are as follows:-

Within the town of Victoria and aa distance of one mile outside the limit thereof;

Within a radius of three –quarters of a mile from the police station at Anse Royale, Mahé;

Within a radius of three –quarters of a mile from the police station at Baie Ste. Anne, Praslin;

Within the area situated in the district of Grand Anse, Praslin, and lying between the Morico Bridge on the North and the Nouvelle Découverte Bridge on the South and between the seashore on one side and an imaginary line inland three-quarters of a mile distant from the seashore and parallel thereto on the other side;

Within a radius of three – quarters of a mile from an imaginary point half way between the police station and the Roman Catholic Church in the district of La Passe, La Digue.



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