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Nat Turner was the leader in the rebellion that killed 55-65 whites in a quest to end slavery and free black people. This historical event known as The Nat Turner's Rebellion and also the Southampton Insurrection was a bloody revolt that took place in Southampton County, Virginia in August 1831. Despite many slave revolts in the south, this one had the highest number of deaths, and is credited as being one of the factors leading to the Civil War. In retaliation for the revolt, an estimated 100 to 200 blacks were killed. As America prepares to celebrate the 150 Anniversary of the Civil War, we must not forget the significance of the Nat Turner Rebellion. The Nat Turner Historic Trail and his legacy are aspects of history that must be included in American’s upcoming 2011 Civil War Memorial events.

Cultural events about the historic revolt have already begun in several cities. Nat Turner Day was celebrated in Philadelphia, Newark, Maryland, San Francisco as well as Southampton County this past August 21st commemorating the 179th anniversary of the historic revolt. In addition to the Nat Turner Day ceremonies, there were also special tours of the Nat Turner Trail in Southampton County. The tours allowed visitors to see the battle sites where Turner fought with slave owners and sites where he formed the Black Liberation Army (BLA) to participate in the rebellion.  

On the heels of August 21st events in different cities, there will be other events marking days related to Turner’s Rebellion this fall in the Southampton County area. Special tours of the Nat Turner Trail and commemorative ceremonies will also take place on October 31 and November 11th.  All three of these dates are significant to the Nat Turner Rebellion timeline. August 21nd was the first day of his revolt, October 31st was the day of his capture and November 11th was the day of his execution. Cultural activities and special group tours of the trail have been taking place in the past few years on these historic days.

The Nat Turner Trail was named and established by H. Khalif Khalifah and his late wife Reda Faard Khalifah, who did the first formal tour in 1990. About 2000 persons have taken the tour with Khalif, who lives on a farm in Southampton County that is reportedly the birthplace of Nat Turner. Even though few structures at the “battle sites” are still standing, the structures ‘left to tell’ come to life and evoke emotions when Khalifah, as the tour guide, recounts the history of Nat Turner and details of the bloody rebellion. Khalifah’s tour includes areas like Cabin Pond where the revolt was staged, some of the places where the massacres took place, the courthouse where Turner’s trail took place and the jailhouse where one of the most important documents in American history was recorded “The Confession of Nat Turner.” Khalifah believes that commemorating the annual revolt is one way to ensure that the story of Nat Turner will not be omitted, distorted, or misrepresented in history. He has also authored two books on the life and revolt of Nat Turner.

Even though Khalifah was one of the first to resurrect and mark the Nat Turner Trail, other groups and organizations have continuously gotten on the bandwagon as numbers of people wishing to visit the trail continuously increase. There are now several different tours of the Nat Turner Trail and monies are being appropriated. Southampton County has been awarded a $420,000 federal grant to further develop the trail and to keep details of Turner’s life and the revolt alive in annuls of history. The money, with a matching $105,000 from the Southampton County Historical Society, will be used to further create a driving tour through the county marking Turner's path of destruction. Plans for this historic path include interpretive signs, travel brochures and maps, and the structuring of easements and turn-outs along local roads.

nat_turner_bookThe Southampton County Historical Society, historians and county officials envision restoring the Rebecca Vaughan House to be used as a visitors’ center and starting point for both a driving tour of the Nat Turner Trail and a walking tour of related historic buildings in Courtland, a nearby city where Turner intended to form his liberation army. Courtland’s Rebecca Vaughan House, which is on both the National and State Registers of Historic Places, was the last place where many whites were killed during the Turner Revolt. An "electronic map" pointing out sites on the trail will also be located in the Vaughan House. Plans are being made to expand the Courtland tour to include the county courthouse where Turner was tried; Mahone’s Tavern, a social and political hub during that time; the pauper’s cemetery, where his remains are believed to be buried; and the sites where he was jailed and executed.

Lynda Updike, Southampton County Historical Society’s president said that she hopes the money will open the gates of tourism to Southampton County. Updike is amazed at the number of people interested in the Nat Turner Trail.  "Most of the people who come to the courthouse in Courtland inquire about Nat Turner," she said. The historical society plans to open their tour in 2011 on the 180th anniversary of the Turner insurrection.

Rick Francis, a county clerk and member of the historical society, along with two other society members are on a committee trying to determine the exact route the driving tour would take. Francis’ great-great-uncle and aunt, Joseph and Sallie Travis, were among Turner’s victims. He serves as a guide and narrator for an annual bus tour of the Nat Turner Trail. Frances said that there are many bus tours here and many people want to visit and drive around the site. “I get a request for a driving tour at least once every two weeks,” he said.  Although the precise route of the driving tour is still being determined, Francis said the tour would mainly be on paved road and would last between four and five hours.

Many city leaders, government officials and historians agree that the Nat Turner Trail and his place in history is something that needs to be re-awakened and re-visited. Boykins-Branchville District Supervisor Carl Faison said the rebellion was an event “the county has overlooked for a long time. It is a potential source of income, and it’s also a segment of our history that we have closed our eyes to. It really needs to be drawn out and (given) the proper interpretation.” Historian, preservationist and author John Quarstein said, “This is one of the most powerful pieces of history in Virginia. The seeds of abolitionism are created thanks to the horrible yet meaningful rebellion that Nat Turner led.”

The question still remains among many. Was Turner a hero or a savage? He is definitely one of the most misunderstood historical figures of all times. Turner was hailed as a hero during those days by not only black slaves but many white abolitionists like William Lloyd Garrison, who warned of future violence if slaves were not set free. Of course, most whites during that time were fearful of more slavery uprisings and considered him a devil-like creature. And there were some black slaves who felt that what he did in the name of their own freedom was wrong, believing that a life of servitude was a better fate.

Keeping the “truthful account” as a part of history is what most tour operators and historians would like to do today. But is this happening? In actuality many black tour operators and writers tell the story of Nat Turner from the stand point that he was a hero and his story is one of triumph in the face of oppression. After all, he supposedly got his visions from God. On the contrary, some white tour operators and writers acknowledge his place in history, but still give accounts of Turner in terms of a crazed rebel. These history and tour translators may have disagreed with slavery, but they also disagree with his murderous revolt.

After all, Turner not only killed slave owners, but also included innocent women and children were his victims. Murdered black people who did not participate in the revolt, but were killed in retaliation were innocent victims also. Maybe even more so innocent victims because these blacks were not families of oppressive slave owners and many of the innocent murdered black slaves were not even supporters of Turner. Then again, some of the murdered whites were probably against slavery, making them ‘innocent bystanders’ as well.  So again this begs the question: Is there ever really a time to kill, outside of self defense?

At any rate, today there has been renewed interest in exhuming the story of Turner’s life and his rebellion. The Nat Turner revolt lasted two days, but its impact has endured, generating much curiosity as well as controversy. One thing for sure is that Turner deserves a place in history, and he is credited as a catalyst for the Civil War. But then there are those who would argue that war is never a good thing. Could many freedoms have been gained without blood sheds in past wars? Could slavery have been ended without the Civil War or without Nat Turner’s Rebellion? As America prepares to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, one thing we can all agree on is commemorating those who were killed in the Civil War and those who were killed during the Nat Turner Rebellion, both black and white.


nat_turner_slave_rebellionNat Turner was an enslaved black man who had lived his entire life in Southampton County, Virginia. He grew up deeply religious and always read the Bible and prayed. He frequently had visions that influenced his life because he interpreted them as signs from God. As a young man he often conducted church services and preached the Bible to other slaves who called him a prophet. In 1824, while working in the fields under his new owner Turner is said to have had a vision, that he is said to have interpreted this to mean God telling him that the sins of men must be laid down and that the great judgment day was at hand. Many historical accounts reveal that visions like these are what lead to his rebellion.

Turner was 30 years old when he led more than 70 other slaves and free blacks on a two-day rampage on Aug. 21 and 22, 1831, killing 55 whites, including women and children. Over a two-week period hundreds of blacks, most of whom had nothing to do with the rebellion, were then slain by whites in reprisal killings. Even though the rebellion stopped within a few days, over a two-day period, Turner and his army was able to cover about 25 miles each day, looting and killing along the way. Turner went into hiding for several months doing which he started planning and plotting other attacks.  In the end, the state executed Turner and 56 slaves who were accused of being a part of the rebellion. The rebellion created fear and a need to better control among slave owners and law makers. Across the South, new laws prohibiting education of blacks, restricting rights to assembly, and requiring white ministers to be present at black worship services went into effect. Years after the Turner Rebellion and the laws put in place to govern slavery, the Civil War began.


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