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Plaque20closeup1James Island, the place in the Gambia where many Africans were captured, housed and sold into slavery was renamed Kunta Kinteh Island during the country’s 10th International Roots Homecoming Festival. Many people remember the name Kunta Kinteh (Kinte) from the character portrayed by LeVar Burton in the American TV series cialis online based on the book by the late author Alex Haley. The scene where he was forced by a severe whipping to change his name from ‘Kunta Kinte’ to ‘Toby’, a slave name, was perhaps the most memorable and touching. At last Kunte Kinteh gets the final say because his African name will be known by people all over the world and throughout history as the island has been renamed in his honor!

james_island_fortKunte Kinteh Island pays tribute to the African male who was captured while he was hunting and forcibly uprooted from his home village in Juffureh and sold into slavery at a young age. The Gambian government changed the name from James Island to Kunta Kinteh Island to pay homage to Kunte Kinteh and other native Gambians who endured unimaginable pain and a life of horror when they were forced into slavery. The name change is also meant to symbolize an end to colonialism and imperialism. The renaming does away with the painful significance of the island as a slave portal and recognizes the island with a Gambian name to which local people and people of African descent can identify.  

The renaming ceremony was presided over by Gambia’s Vice-President Dr. Isatou Njie Saidy, who also serves as Minister of Women’s Affairs. Speaking on behalf of President Dr. Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh, who implemented the Roots Festival in 1996, she said that the President places great importance on the promotion of traditional and cultural values of the country. Dr. Njie Saidy spoke about the significance of the Roots Festival, Kunta Kinteh and James Island.

Explaining that the decision to change the name of the island is related to the need to recognize the historical significance of Kunta Kinteh, Dr. Njie said that he was an African who symbolized the suffering of countless other Africans forced into slavery. “Kunta Kinteh Island would thus recall our lost memories of the brutality meted out to our forebears during the days of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and that the renaming symbolically brought an end to a vestige of imperialism.”

She went on to say that the Gambian International Roots Festival is meant to build a positive bridge between Africans in the continent and those in the Diaspora. “The bridge would once again enable the African families both home and abroad to come together as one and reclaimed the lost glories of Africa, dignity as well as pride that have been lost due to the evil forces of imperialism,” she said noting that the tragedy of slavery has ruined millions of  African lives. Dr. Njie Saidy challenged Africans and people of the Diaspora to join forces, reclaim African pride and forge partnerships that would ensure the emancipation of Africans and people of African heritage.

100_3742-Keith-Guest-Holding-replica-of-statue-to-come-224x300Speaking also at the renaming ceremony were Edward Seckhan, the governor of North Bank Region and Ms. Fatou Mass Jobe-Njie, Gambia Minister of Tourism and Culture, whom both spoke about the importance of the festival and the history of the island. Many other dignitaries and public officials from different regions attended this event including artist Chaz Guest from New York, who presented his creation of a replica of the 30-foot statue that will be located on the island.

An important historical site in the West African slave trade, the island is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the slave trade along the Gambian coastline, James Island was a former British fortress and a strategic hub for captured Africans for shipment to the new world. Fort James was built as a fortress on the island in the 1650s and was later used as a slave collection point. The fort was completely destroyed, but rebuilt and today only ruins remain. Tourists can now take boat trips to the island where they can view ruins of the fort, and also caves and prisons used to hold slaves before their journey across the Atlantic. Old cannons still standing in their military positions can also be observed here.

james_islandLocated in the River Gambia, near the country’s capital city of Banjul, James Island is mentioned by Alex Haley in Roots as the location of his ancestral home village of Juffreh where his great-great Grandfather Kunta Kinteh ( Kinte) was taken from to go America as a slave. Today Juffure is an unremarkable fishing village of thatched mud-brick huts just a short distance inland where you can get a feel for what village life is like and visit a nearby museum to learn about the history of slavery. Tourists can also visit the home and speak with direct descendants of Kunta Kinteh who will explain how Kunta Kinteh was considered royalty in his village before being made popular by the Roots story in America. They share the story of how prophets on the day Kunta Kinteh was born predicted that his name would be reverberated throughout history. For more information, visit
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buying generic cialis online uk

buying generic cialis online uk

buying generic cialis online uk

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