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National Assembly members recently intensified their call for a strong effort to increase tourism visitation by aggressively marketing destination Gambia, upgrade the product to attract higher spending tourists and ultimately attract more individual travellers through the expansion of scheduled air traffic to the country.

fatou_mass_-sSome of the members who contributed to the approval of The Gambia Tourism Board Bill, 2011 concurred with the Tourism minister’s submissions that the best way to achieve this is by implementing the recommendations of the Tourism Development Master Plan of 2006 and the GTA Institutional Review of 2008 on institutional reforms. This became a concern and a subject of discussion after the Minister for Tourism and Culture, Aja Fatou Mass Jobe-Njie laid the bill entitled ‘The Gambia Tourism Board Bill, 2011’ for approval. The bill, among other things seeks to change the institution’s name from The Gambia Tourism Authority (GTA) to The Gambia Tourism Board (GTB).

Minister Jobe-Njie told NAMs that when the GTA was incorporated, it had a much clearer focus on marketing and conducted this activity more successfully in the early days.   She explained that over time, greater responsibility has been passed to the Authority for product development, capacity building and industry regulation, to a point where there is now little marketing activity with less than 50% of the budget applied to marketing and promotion. She said this is having a negative impact on the number of tourist arrivals.

The Tourism minister averred that government firmly believes that there should be a more focused, robust and result-oriented institution that will provide clear direction and sustainable policymaking, human and financial support, product development and control, and most importantly, take responsibility for the international marketing and promotion of the destination which had culminated in the formation and establishment of the GTA. She added: “The previous nine years of operation by the Gambia Tourism Authority (GTA) have shown quite clearly that the greater the scope of activity, the less attention (and funds) is applied to the key function of international promotion and marketing. It is generally recognised that if tourism is to develop in a sustainable manner, a more appropriate regulatory and marketing institution is required and this can only be provided by government. This is inline with best practice.  The Ministry of Tourism and Culture is convinced that the reforms will ultimately increase tourism visitation while adding value to The Gambia’s tourism products. Therefore, I humbly request that this Honourable Assembly enact the Gambia Tourism Board Bill 2011.”

Hon. Kalifa Jammeh, the National Assembly member for Bakau seconded the bill. He noted that the role designated to the board is to coordinate, administer and market tourism in the right direction. He said: “This bill seeks to repeal The Gambia Tourism Authority Act and to replace it with a new entity called The Gambia Tourism Board. It is expected that the new entity will provide greater focus direction tourism promotion and development in The Gambia. As we are all aware, during the last budget session, we were reliably informed by the Finance minister that the tourism sector has now declined. This sector used to contribute significantly to the GDP and now that is the opposite, it is declining, what we need to do to revive the sector should be our primary action.”

Hon. Jammeh warned that if cautious approaches are not taken, the serious situation of tourism in The Gambia in the coming years would lead to the closure of many hotels. He described the name change from GTA to GTB as a move in the right direction, saying it would help greatly in the promotion of destination Gambia and its products. The NAM for Jimara, Hon. Mama Kandeh took a divergent view, saying that the change in the name does not matter. He pointed out that what is more important is the commitment of whatsoever body is put in place to make sure that they live up to expectation.

He said: “It is not a hidden issue, we all know that the tourism sector nearly failed but I am quite optimistic that under the current minister of Tourism and Culture a lot of changes are happening, it is just a gradual process. So, what is important as at now is to support her in marketing the destination. To achieve this, it also requires all and sundry to put their hands on deck. This should be able to solve our problems in the tourism sector. We don’t see The Gambia only as country, but a product as well and we cannot realise it in the absence of aggressive marketing. We need to go all out to make sure that Gambia is known worldwide. Ninety-eight percent of the people flying out of The Gambia to any other destination will have to pass through a neighbouring country. We are losing the market that is one of the fundamental issues to raise funds and I only hope that this is going to be co-opted in because it is very important and I believe people will even prefer transit in The Gambia than to neighbouring countries because of the peaceful nature that we have.”

Also contributing to the approval of the bill, the member for Janjangbureh, Hon. Foday Gibaneh Manka thanked the minister of Tourism and Culture and her team for their commitment and dedication in presenting the bill before the house. “I would like to thank the minister and her team and to express appreciation for soliciting the cooperation of the Select Committee on Tourism and Culture of the National Assembly. She has been inviting us to a series of meetings, some concerning tourism and others about arts and culture. These are strategic plans we recently concluded, the five-year strategic plan for the National Centre for Arts and Culture. She has given us the opportunity also to meet with the Gambia Hotel Association, during the meeting with them they raised a lot of concern about the declining situation of tourists in the country,” he said.

Hon. Manka also assured Minister Jobe-Njie that the select committee will cooperate fully with her in all her undertakings.  Hon. Manka reminded the house of the fact that tourism contributes a large amount of money into the economy. He added that the sector produces one third of all export earnings in the country and also generates a lot of job opportunities.

Hon. Sidia Jatta, NAM for Wuli West described tourism as a very competitive market, noting that the products in countries also vary. He however, suggested that eco-tourism should be encouraged since tourism is the second foreign exchange earner. “We can help develop it and we must be creative, develop eco-tourism and there are beautiful places in the provinces that are very attractive that tourists would like seeing them. I think we have to spend in developing eco-tourism,” said.
Source: Daily Observer Forward with the Gambia
Photo: Minister of Tourism and Culture, Aja Fatou Mass Jobe-Njie

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