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     harleyDid you know that the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle has been the preferred bike for African Americans since its early days? I learned this and other interesting information on a media trip put on by Harley-Davidson.  As a tribute to Black History Month, the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee opened an exhibit exploring the evolution of African American motorcycle culture. Through this exhibit that debuted on February 10th, Harley-Davidson recognized the contributions of African Americans who helped to create the Harley-Davidson motorcycling experience and culture. The exhibit is now open to the public where you can learn many things about blacks’ relationships with Harley-Davidson and the black riding culture. 

       Media from all over the United States came to Milwaukee for three days to be a part of the Harley-Davidson celebration of Black History Month. Travel writers from various print and online publications and broadcast media got to tour the museum, the dealership, the manufacturing plant and enjoy festivities presented by Harley-Davidson. The group stayed at the Iron Horse Hotel where they enjoyed meals at the hotel’s restaurants.

       During the three-day stay, media learned all about the history of Harley-Davidson and got to see many of the styles of bikes built by the company since its beginning in 1903 up until the present. At the dealership we even got to test drive one of the motorcycles and at the plant we got to see how the bikes were made. We also enjoyed speaking with some early black riders who were a part of clubs like the Buffalo Soldiers, East Bay dragons and the Chosen Few. One early rider present was a man that goes by the name of P. Wee, a popular club leader who once had his own shop. “He said he never considered that he would be a part of Harley-Davidson history. He said he just loved the bikes and liked to ride.”

       During our visit we also learned about Benny Hardy, a black custom bike builder who helped to create what is considered one of the most famous motorcycles in the world, Captain America that was featured in the iconic motorcycle movie, Easy Rider. We got to meet and speak with someone who was taught by Hardy, a man who everyone calls Sugar Bear. He also customized his own chopper that was showcased in the main entrance to the museum for the black history exhibit. Attending this event also were a few female riders who were just as enthused about their Harleys as the men. They told us about the stereotypes they faced as women riders. Despite some of the stereotypes, women are still riding Harleys more and more, and loving it.  

       The Harley-Davidson Black History museum exhibit includes bikes, documents, photos and memorabilia of Harley-Davidson legendary riders like William B. Johnson, the first African American Harley-Davidson dealer and Bessie Stringfield, the first known African American woman to ride cross-country on a Harley motorcycle in the 1930s and 1940s all by herself. The black history exhibit gives bike enthusiasts and the general public a chance to connect with and understand the black riding culture. Through this exhibit African Americans get to see how they played a part in the history Harley-Davidson.

     harley_davidson_clubThe Harley-Davidson brand is indeed the bike of choice for many black riders still today. It is number one motor cycle in terms of sales and popularity among African Americans, who have been riding and forming clubs since motor cycles became popular. The legendary members as well as modern-day members seemed very proud of their Harley-Davidson bikes which many said they would not trade for the world. Some of the early riders have had as many as three or four bikes and still ride today.

       "African Americans have influenced and helped shape motorcycle culture throughout our history. Riding culture is seen differently today because of their numerous contributions to it," said John Comissiong, director of African American outreach marketing, Harley-Davidson Motor Company. "We're number one in sales to African Americans, and not only are we very proud of our shared history, we're always looking for new stories to tell."

        Early riders present at this event shared their stories of riding their Harley's across country, and riding with clubs and their significant others. You can read stories about the black riding culture on Iron Elite, a community section of the Harley-Davidson website showcasing African American rider stories, motorcycle customization and legendary riders. On the site you can also view customized bikes and learn more about key African American motorcyclists who have made significant impacts on the sport of motorcycling.

       Members of the media were impressed and honored with the Harley-Davidson African-American exhibit which will remain at the Harley-Davidson Museum for some time this year. Most came away with a lot of information that they had not known. Many made friends with some of the riders and owner of bikes, and planned to attend some of the biking events supported by Harley-Davidson. Such events include Atlantic Beach Bike Week, Daytona Black Bike Week and the National Bikers Round-Up, where thousands of African American riders gather in the spirit of true riding culture.       

      To top off the three-day festivities honoring black riding culture and contributions, all participants received a very nice Harley-Davidson jacket.  The group came away delighted to have been able to learn about the evolution of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle culture through the eyes of African American riders. Some even came away with a desire to learn more about motorcycling while others vowed to own a Harley-Davidson bike and become part of the riding culture. At any rate, this event that seemed to echo the theme ‘once you get your hands on a Harley-Davidson, you’ll never let go,’ was definitely a success.

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The Harley-Davidson Museum is a reflection of American history and pop culture through the lens of a true American icon and brand. The Museum offers a one-of-a-kind experience for riders and non-riders alike with rare artifacts exhibits and stories. For more information on the Museum's galleries, special events, tickets, hours and more, visit

cheap cialis pricesHarley-Davidson Motor Company, the only major U.S.-based motorcycle manufacturer produces heavyweight motorcycles and a complete line of motorcycle parts, accessories and general merchandise. For more information, visit Harley-Davidson's Web site at .


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