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African Diaspora Tourism (ADT) is an online magazine dedicated to exploring the culture, heritage, places and influences of people of African descent, past and present around the globe. The ADT web site highlights information on how people of color, living all over the world as a result of the transatlantic slave trade and modern-day migration, are continuously shaping the cultures of North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, as well as Africa.

ADTs major objective is to enlighten and inspire cultural and heritage tourism through up-to-date information, compelling first-person travel articles, candid images, and scholarly research.  In addition to bringing you a first-rate travel journal about the people and places of the global African Diaspora, ADT is committed to supporting sustainable tourism and preserving the culture and heritage in the places we explore.

With studies showing that people more now than ever are looking to learn about and immerse themselves in the history and culture of the places they visit, we feel that this project is a timely, worthwhile endeavor that serves to meet the needs of travelers, culture enthusiasts, and professionals.

We also welcome you to join our efforts! We are accepting submissions on the following topics related to the African Diaspora: tourism news, culture, music, travel, food, festivals, events, meetings and education, etc.  Please become a part of our mailing list and/or send submissions to [email protected].

kitty popeKitty J. Pope is the publisher of AfricanDiasporaTourism.com. She is also the creator, director and executive producer of the African Diaspora World Tourism Awards. The creator of the Pan African Travel Club and founder of the Africana PR and Promotions, Pope also serves as the associate director of National Cultural Heritage Tourism Center, Inc. She is a freelance travel editor who is the founder and director of the Int. Association of Black Travel Writers. A former college counselor and lifestyle magazine editor, Pope is on the board of the National Cultural Heritage Society and a media partner of the Africa Tourism Board.


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