The 2010 Africa Day, a celebration of African unity, initiative, and progress commences in Atlanta. This first-time in Atlanta event taking place May 22-25, promises to be a tremendous cultural, educational and entertaining celebration. The city of Atlanta, a focal-point for progressing Africa-US relations, will welcome representatives from the African Union and other nations of Africa. Celebrating Africa Day in Atlanta is an endeavor to build strong ties between the U.S. and Africa through cross-cultural initiatives such as tourism, commerce and investment, foreign student exchange, the arts, and other activities that promote cultural awareness.

A combination of conferences, seminars, cultural exhibitions, and a parade will take place on the 2010 Africa Day as Atlanta recognizes Africa as a place of vast investment prospects and of superb cultural importance. It is the mission of this 2010 Africa Day to construct a cross-cultural relationship that envisages Africa in all of its significance and opportunity. Chief Tunde Adetunji, founder of the African Heritage foundation, an organizer of the event, states that "we are calling on the new Secretary of Commerce to look into the possibility of using this as an opportunity to draw the entire 54 African nations closer to the United States in order to create jobs and opportunity for both Americans and Africans. Unless America sees Africa’s possibilities and potentials then the economy of America can never be the same."


An awards ceremony honoring Africans and those of the African Diaspora who have made noteworthy contributions to the development of African infrastructure or culture is also a part of the Africa Day celebration.

AfricaDayDublinAnd while Africa Day is celebrated stateside, the city of Johannesburg, South Africa -alongside numerous other cities throughout the African continent such as Dakar and Cairo-will be partaking in simultaneous Africa Day celebrations. Symbolic of harmony and cultural understanding and appreciation, Africa Day is an important festivity all over the whole continent, especially in African cities like Johannesburg where diversity plays a major role in everyday life. "Since the inception, Africa Day has been acknowledged as the day to honour African diversity, as well as the success of Africans' around the world. It is also an opportunity Africans' contribution to the world and its place of honor to the world," states Achmat Dangor, CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation. In addition, Africa Day also highlights the continent's development intiative, especially in the international sector.

In 1963, the Organization for African Unity was founded, and May 25th marks the founding of this organization, which was renamed and revised to form the African Union in 2002. Similar to the European Union in its concept, the African Union'has several objectives: greater unity, solidarity, and the protection of human rights within African countries; development in the continent by advancing science, technology, and sustainable economic and social programs; and to promote peace, security, and stability throughout the continent as well as cooperation and influence in the international community.

Dangor went on to talk about the celebration stating that "We express our solidarity with Africans at home and in diaspora. Let us mark this day by striving to achieve prosperity, peace, mutual understanding and respect for human rights. Let Africa becomes the crucible for a movement for global good as espoused by the Principles of Nelson Mandel International Day."


Organized by the African Heritage Foundation Inc., based in Atlanta for twelve years, and in collaboration with the Mayor’s office, The Atlanta City Council, The Atlanta Development Authority, The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and The Atlanta 100 Black Men Association, the events of the 2010 Africa Day celebration will take place at the Atlanta City Hall. Click here for the schedule of events.The event is open to the public as well as government officials and business people. Attendees should download the RSVP form.

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