boaMy name is J. Carlos Desales. I am a native of Rio de Janeiro and a citizen of United States. Currently, I spend the most part of the year in Brazil working as executive director of Americas Connect where I am a private tour guide and tour conductor. I work in many different areas of the country and the remaining time I spend in the States networking, improving my professional skills and spending time with my family and friends. In San Francisco, I attended San Francisco State University and worked in the film production for a while.  In 1998, I had the chance of spending three months working between Cuba and Puerto Rico improving my Spanish which I learned by traveling to Mexico several times.

Brazil has the largest population of people of African descent outside of African.  History, food, religion, culture, music, dance and art from African people can be found here.  And to honor this legacy, Americas Connect has focused and made the African Heritage Tourism a priority. 

carlosFurthermore, our tours are carefully designed to meet our client's specifications, special interest, time frames, number of participants and preferred mode of transportation within Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and/or other parts of Brazil.  Most of the tours are led by me, and are tailored to care for the needs, safety and satisfaction of our travelers who are seeking to explore and understand the diversity and richness of Brazilian culture. My familiarity with my homeland ensures my ability to provide safety and good price for tour packages that will take you to places that are not offered by the majority of tour guides or travel agencies.

Americas Connect has developed an Afro-centric calendar of tour for travelers who come to Rio and  Salvador, providing historical  and cultural information on activities throughout the year.

One of our most popular and important heritage tour is the The Boa Morte Festival which takes place few hours from Salvador in the historic city of Cachoeira, where the Sisterhood of Our Lady of Good Death lives.  There is nothing dreadful about this celebration, which is a unique testament to the strength and endurance of black women of the African Diaspora. The Boa Morte Festivaal is a celebration of deep cultural social, spiritual and religious significance. It is a joyful expression of life, faith and happiness.

Join us on the Boa Morte Festival in August

boamorte10Our journey will go from August 6th-17th, 2015. Landing in Rio de Janeiro, my hometown which I describe as a city of many powers of seduction which I l look forward to introducing you to: the Christ of Redeemer and Sugar Loaf Mountains; the Little Africa neighborhood; historical sites; Copacabana and Ipanema beaches; Samba and Bossa Nova; the lives of community leaders and many others living in a Favela in the North Area of the city; a soccer match and the local food. On August 11Th the groups arrives in Salvador, my second home.

Besides the welcome dinner reception on our first night, the group will take part of a traditional weekly part to get into the spirits of this magicalcity.  During the week we will visit the most important African Brazilian in the country, other historical sites in Pelourinho, Lower City and meet a community leader; visit a Candomble house during a ceremony; watch the performance of the world famous Ballet Folclorico da Bahia; sail to Itaparica and Frades islands; finally but not least travel to Cachoeira where we will have a private meeting with the Sisters followed by lunch at old sugar cane farm and take part in the wonderful Boa Morte Festival.  

For more information on the company, visit  

To join the tour on August 6th-17th, 2015:

Email carlos at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or 

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For detailed information about the tour and the Boa Morte festival, see links below. (Documentary of the Festival)



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