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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              san_Basillio       The village of San Basilio de Palenque lies about 40 kilometers south of Cartagena in Colombia, South America. The people of this traditional Africa-like village, founded centuries ago by runaway slaves, live off the land, just like they did on the African continent. Their homes are made of straw, mud and cow dung. Electricity arrived in the 1970s as a government gift in recognition of the former world boxing champion Antonio Cervantes, better known as Kid Pambelé who was born here. Radio and television came soon after electricity. There is also a schoolhouse, named in honor of of the liberator of this village name Benko Biohó, which even has an Internet connection.
      The San Basilio de Palenque vilagers' ancestors survived capture in Africa, the passage by ship to Cartagena, and were strong enough to escape and live on their own for centuries. The Colombian government takes some pride in this village because the people here were the first to free themselves from Spanish rule long before the nation we now know as Colombia did. I say “some pride” because the Colombian government is not doing much else for this town.
           I entered the village on the back of a motorbike and was dropped off at a restaurant across the street from Benko Bioho Square, containing the statue of the legendary liberator Benko Bioho. I had the traditional village meal of fish, rice, and plantains before my tour guide Carlos arrived . As Carlos escorted me around the village explaining its history and today's lifestyle, I kept wondering to myself, why don't these people capitalize on the growing interest in this village? The place is pretty, the weather is wonderful,and the village is peaceful with a lot to learn about the culture. I know, for myself, I would have loved to have taken home some souvenirs, like CDs of local artists, village post cards, or artifacts. I asked Carlos about this and he didn't give me much of an answer.  
When I left the village and boarded a bus headed back to Cartagena, I saw two white women (I don't know if they were Americans or from another continent), hopping on the back of a motorbike, like I did, heading for San Basilio de Palenque. I was sure that this little African village in Colombia has money making potential to become a tourist attraction

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levitra generic

How excited I was to be headed to Seychelles for the 2011 International Carnival in Victoria. I could not wait to visit the African island in the Indian Ocean that is quickly becoming the new global hot spot. But to top off this vacation escape, I was going to this tropical paradise by way of Dubai.  My chance had finally arrived to visit the modern, most desirable tourist destination city of Dubai, known for being over-the-top in every way.   Dubai and Seychelles are two places that I’ve heard so much about and longed to experience.  Now I would be doing them both in the same trip. This was my two- for- one vacation of a life time!  Oh my God, this was as good as it gets.

The whole trip was exciting, proving to be beyond my wildest vacation fantasy. To begin with, I flew to Dubai on Emirates Airlines, the most luxurious airline there is. The aircraft was so chic and plush.  Riding in coach, I really felt like a queen in first class on my way there. I had to remind myself that I was in coach as I wondered what more could be in first class that I did not already have at my finger tips in coach. There was plenty of leg room, reclining seats that went way back, far enough to get a good night’s sleep.  Just as I thought there could not be anything more for a comfortable flight, I was upgraded to first class for my return trip. Emirates’ first class is a trip made in heaven!  On my departure trip to Seychelles, I spent a day in Dubai to get a sneak peek at the beautiful city that I would see more of on my return trip.

I arrived safely in Seychelles where you could smell the beauty of the island and waters getting off the plane.  I immediately noticed the comfort of the island’s climate, and I felt so relaxed breathing in the fresh air of this new tropical hot spot where the temperature seemed almost perfect. I observed the country side of luscious rolling hills, majestic mountains and greenest greenery as I rode down the winding roads to my hotel. I caught glimpses of the inviting white sand beaches that seemed to be flirting with me as I  arrived at my hotel that turned out not to be a hotel. It was a precious secluded villa, the Carana Hilltop located right across from the seductive white sand beaches.  Shaded by coconut palms and all kinds of fruit trees, with the stunning mountains and tropical forest as the backdrop, this was more like a home away from home, and the perfect base for me to explore the island and experience the Creole culture at my own pace.  I was all set to do Seychelles and its first multicultural carnival.

Seychelles is indeed multicultural with a melting pot of people from various ethnicities, customs, and traditions, who all came together to settle and build it, and the revisit to its multi-ethnic origins with the "Carnaval International de Victoria" proved to be a real treat. The grand opening took place the afternoon in the center of Victoria where visiting dignitaries, representing various participating countries were present to witness the official launch of the carnival.  Later that day we attended an official press conference where all the dignitaries and notables attended, including American legendary songstress Dionne Warwick, who was a presenter. Speaking also was Majid Al Mualla, a vice-president of Emirates Airlines whom I wanted to run up and hug and thank for my glorious flight.  I managed to keep my composure when I met him and only mentioned that I had wonderful flight. Even though I told him it was not necessary, he went ahead and upgraded my return flight to first class! My trip of a lifetime was getting better by the moment!

The three-day carnival started with large, open, alfresco restaurant-styled activities where the capital city of Victoria was turned into an entertainment venue with music and food from around the world. That evening a program on stage around the clock in the middle of Victoria took place with speakers, singers, dancers and performers from the various visiting countries participating. Speakers included Seychelles’ president, tourism officials and Warwick. The performers from all over really rocked the stage. One performer, Lima Calibo, was really sensational.  A soca darling from Trinidad, she danced and sang while waving her red, white and black flag back and forth.  Soliciting the crowd to join in, a group of little children did go up on stage and had a great time jumping and waving with her. Another group London’s Notting Hill Steel Pan Band really put on a show!

I got up early the next morning for a little downtime before the grand carnival parade.  I meditated on my balcony in the midst of palm trees, scenic views of the mountains, and the peaceful sound of the birds, enjoying the stillness of the moment in what must be God’s most tranquil and refreshing place on earth. I could reach out and pluck an avocado or any fruit I wanted from my balcony which I did as an appetizer before breakfast. I seemed to have stepped into another world when I arrived for the parade in Victoria where everything was lively and upbeat in contrast to the peaceful moments of meditation on my balcony. There was a special section for VIP’s and media with the comforts of shade and bottled water, where I sat near Seychelles’ President James Michel and other dignitaries. Seated there also was Ms. Warwick whom I got to chat with while waiting.   

There was excitement everywhere as the spirit of the carnival was upon the local islanders and visitors alike.  The parade began with exhilarating music and carnival dance. Then came unique floats representing China, Korea, Indonesia to Hawaii, UK, France, Italy, Brazil and the African countries of Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zanzibar and South Africa. The nearby Indian Ocean islands of La Reunion and Madagascar also participated with distinguished, beautiful colorful floats as did the European Union who showed off their member states by flying a flag from each country. It was later confirmed this float parade had the largest gathering of spectators ever in Seychelles. After the parade everyone just hung out and enjoyed the festivities, street parties and bands until the wee hours of the night. The final day was Family Fun Day where we got to walk around the city, enjoy more festive activities and immerse ourselves in the Creole culture of Seychelles.

When it was time to leave, the only thing that pulled me away from Seychelles was the idea of seeing more of Dubai. When I got to the airport in Dubai, which looked more like an upscale gigantic shopping mall, my wounds as a result of pulling away from Seychelles were immediately healed. I really loved walking around this modern day airport, window shopping and watching people, who acted more like they were shopping than having to catch a flight. I was given first class treatment by Emirates Airlines who picked me up and took me to their fabulous hotel. I did a tour of the city with Arabian Adventures, who also offers Safari Cruises, dining among the dunes and camel riding. The city of Dubai is unbelievably beautiful and modern with majestic architect, unique skyscrapers and everything else. When I returned home and was asked about Dubai, the only response that I could give was, ‘It was incredibly indescribable, you’ll just have to go.’  And yes, you’ll just have to go, too.

Going to Seychelles by way of Dubai is a must-take vacation. Rest assured that you’ll get  more than what you bargained for when you take it. And you can take it because this travel route has been made more readily available as Seychelles and Emirates Airlines have come up with a packaged deal that you simply cannot refuse. Seychelles Tourism Board CEO Alain St. Ange once said that he was sure that journalists would become ambassadors for the islands after a visit. And you know what, he was right. I am now a self-proclaimed ambassador for Seychelles, and Dubai, too. After one visit, you will become an ambassador, also. I guarantee it.

levitra generic

levitra generic

Spring has sprung with warming temperatures and summer just around the corner.  When it comes to beach vacations, why not go to one of the best?  Virginia Beach is an award-winning beach where you will find one of America’s best boardwalks with oceanfront resorts and hotels to meet your every need. The beach city is also an ideal place for meetings and conferences. So much so that the African American Travel Conference (AATC) chose this magnificent city as the place for their national meeting this year. Who wouldn’t want to have their conference in a city where you can experience all types of beach pleasures and delightful entertainment to top off business meetings?

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With its decidedly Latin flavor, Puerto Rico might seem an odd choice for travelers seeking Caribbean cultural connections to Africa. After all, the history of levitra generic is dominated by nearly 400 years of Spanish rule, exemplified today in such notable historical monuments as El Morro, El Paseo de la Princesa and many others.

Just as is the case in the rest of the Caribbean, though, slaves were brought from Africa to Puerto Rico’s shores in the 1600′s, leaving an indelible mark on the island’s culture that still exists today. Among the strongest examples of African Heritage in Puerto Rico is levitra generic, a distinctive percussion-driven musical form often mentioned alongside its close musical cousin, levitra generic, which also has roots in Africa.

levitra generic

levitra generic

cuba_dance_folk_kidsBig changes are happening with Cuba travel. The BP oil spill has not impacted Cuba. Many more Americans will finally be able to visit the island as President Obama is set to relax prohibitions soon. His new rules will mean hundreds of thousands more visitors flooding into Cuba. But, there is no need to wait for changes from Washington and be left out  if there are overbooked tours and too few rooms and services. If you're engaged in education, healthcare, law, architecture, the arts, and many other professions, you can go now, on a license and without complications.

Cuba Education Tours assist at every stage. With an official status on the island, the tour programs get priority treatment after ten years of stellar relations with Cuba. Cubans are eager to meet you and make friends with their northern cousins. Cuban Education Tours can help you discover with peace of mind on safe, legal, quality programs organized by Cuban, Canadian and American experts. No other destination beats the fun and friendship found in Cuba!

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I didn’t know what to expect. I was paranoid about being bitten by a bug, any bug and contracting malaria. levitra genericI muttered every other minute of the day as the time drew near for me to board that long flight to Ghana.  I was nervous and excited and curious.  It was 2007 and my first trip to the 'Motherland.'  Though I could tell them a few things about our collective histories, there was nothing anyone could have possibly said to prepare me for the experience I shall not soon forget.

levitra generic

If you’ve ever wanted to travel around the world, but weren’t sure just how to go about doing it, a round the world (RTW) ticket could be the best thing for your travel adventures. And contrary to common belief, you don't have to be rich to buy one.

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Image - Traveling Among Black Latinos in Black Latin

As one who has traveled to more than 100 cities in 13 countries, I take pride in avoiding tourism and getting as close to the locals as possible. In my

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Image - The Opening of the Gambia’s 10th International Roots

With the theme "Celebrating African Unity", the 10th edition of the Gambia Roots Festival attracted scores of delegates from the Diaspora, who joined their African counterparts for the gr

Friday, 18 March 2011

Image - Panama Adventure: Climb Baru Volcano, See Atlantic & Pacific at the Same

On the day before Easter, several friends, a guide from Habla Ya, and I set out to climb Volcan Baru, in Boquete, Panama. The climb is approximately 14.5 kilometers, with

Sunday, 24 October 2010

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Image - A Giraffe Sighting: An Unforgettable Moment in East

                                                                              On the morning of 30th of January, 2007, I stepped out of the 8000 foot high Miriakamba compound on Tanzania's Mt. Meru, where I had eaten and slept better

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Image - Going Back to My African Roots!

A traveller from Great Britain experiences the 10th International Gambian Roots FestivalSince my mid twenties, I’ve become a very keen traveller to Afrika.  I really got into it in 1997

Friday, 8 April 2011

Image - From Nigeria to Atlanta: One CNN Fellow's

My visit to the US for the first time was quite an experience. My arrival in Atlanta gave me the feel of Nigeria because of the weather, but something unique

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

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Image - Reflections of a Sobo Bade Retreat in Senegal

From the moment we disembarked the bus and weaved beyond the huts and mango trees to enter the sanctuary that is Sobo Bade, I thought of it as the perfect

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Image - Women Travel for Peace: A Community Based Trip to

As our ferry approached the opposite shore of Senegal’s Soungrougrou River, the air began to throb with rhythmic drumming. Waving arms and brilliant smiles beckoned to us. The stunning village

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Image - Beaches and the World's Coldest Beer in Dominican

The Dominican Republic — one part baseball mecca and one part beach colony, with a ton of Caribbean history and culture thrown in for added flavor. The island of Hispaniola sits

Friday, 1 October 2010

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levitra generic cialis

levitra generic cialis

Memory loss Compulsive behaviors Erectile Dysfunction: Psychological Causes Are you experiencing a lot of stress? Spinal cord injury While oral medicines improve the response to sexual stimulation, they do not trigger an automatic erection as injections do. The recommended dose for Viagra is 50 mg, and the physician may adjust this dose to 100 mg or 25 mg, depending on the patient. The recommended dose for either Levitra or Cialis is 10 mg, and the physician may adjust this dose to 20 mg if 10 mg is insufficient. A lower dose of 5 mg is available for patients who take other medicines or have conditions that may decrease the body's ability to use the drug. Levitra is also available in a 2.5 mg dose. There is insufficient information on the safety of vardenafil in men with the following conditions: What other symptoms do you have? viagra without prescription Painless Erectile Dysfunction anxiety typically makes a person feel inferior and even weak. Typically there is lost confidence which spreads to so several different sides of your life. Men become confused and often query why it is happening to them. Anger is often half of the immediate feelings and that simply manifests itself over time as you understand that the ED is not going away. Erectile dysfunction. This is one of many types of constricting devices placed at the base of the penis to diminish venous outflow and improve the quality and duration of the erection. This is particularly useful in men who have a venous leak and are only able to obtain partial erections that they are unable to maintain. These constricting devices may be used in conjunction with oral agents, injection therapy, and vacuum devices. Jack E Fincham, PhD dUS R&D, Clinical Development, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Kalamazoo, Mich., USA; Less active in inhibiting PDE-6, resulting in fewer visual disturbances; less than 0.1% of men reported this symptom This Story High BPA levels linked to male sexual problems More drastically, inflatable or rigid penile implants may be fitted surgically. Implants are irreversible and costly. Behavioral methods are helpful for more than 95 percent of men who have premature ejaculation. The causes of erectile dysfunction include aging, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, cigarette smoking, atherosclerosis, depression, nerve or spinal cord damage, medication side effects, alcoholism or other substance abuse, and low testosterone levels. The researchers concluded that under the supervision of a physician, sildenafil can be safely used in conjunction with heart medications. There are insufficient studies on the newer medications vardenafil (Levitra) and tadalafil (Cialis) to draw conclusions, however. This is another test of nerve function in the shaft of the penis. This test uses electromagnetic vibration to evaluate sensitivity. A decreased perception of vibration may indicate nerve damage in the pelvic area, which can lead to impotence. A number of the most successful natural remedies for erectile dysfunction are the VigaPlus, CaliPlus and Niagra.

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